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Vertical Park 


Abu Dhabi has a resting daytime temperature in the summer of 45 degrees Celsius. The city is planned as a compact whole with little or no covered walkways and parks in its city center. In the summer months, it is difficult to walk around the city from a location to the other, increasing vehicular movement in a city without a train system. This increased vehicular traffic has attendant issues of increasing the pollution of the otherwise pure air in the city. This was noticed by the city and an international competition was held for the utilization of empty and tight city lots as rest areas and connectors for the summer in the city.
We saw an opportunity to create a prototypical vertical park system which had the function of also purifying the air, while creating a condensed green area and energy harvesting station for the city. This system will introduce new plant species into the city, while allowing citizens a place to interact albeit differently.
Due to its design and height, we found an opportunity to transform the façade into a series of wing turbines that harness the power of the wind and moving vehicles.
By passing water through the structure for the survival of the plants, a general cooling microclimate, which is amplified by the façade wind turbines is created.



Abu Dhabi, UAE

Completion Year




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