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Affordacity was a sponsored research by the German Government. It was an investigation into alternative ways of igniting the economy off African cities through the creation of systems. In this case, the potential of farming was investigated.
We realized that with the city center of an existing city devoted to farming, a new type of mortgage would be unleashed, that will be inclusive for all the population that participates in farming.


The new city center will be made of six conjoined mixed used farming towers with a disc that opined them at their waist. This ring was used specifically for animal husbandry, which became a floating exhibition
in the city. The towers were a mix of vertical farming, schools, offices, small scale production and penthouses.
The basic conclusion of this research was the need to remake and reapportion city centers in African cities from business to a new type of farming.


Lagos, Nigeria

Completion Year



HTL Research and Innovation

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