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Dangote Refinery in the Lagos free trade zone has opened up several opportunities for workers and habitation in the area. New migration has begun to occur into the region. In response to this, new modes of housing are urgently needed in the area.

A developer with 8000 square meters of vast open land in the area commissioned the office to create a prototypical housing block which could be arranged on the site to make a cew community of 120+ high efficiency apartments for sale and rent in the area. We developed an L-shaped building with independent towers connected by passages and movement cores, to enable the clients to build the block in phases.

The building culminates, to reinterpret the building law, and allow for the use of only staircases beyond the 4 floor limit, with duplex 3-bedroom penthouses with a view. The entire design is based on the use of all the surfaces of the structure as interior furniture, and the structures design intelligence allows for the use of it as the facade of the building, while simply filling it with windows and avoiding extra block work. The external shell is to be built in board formed pigmented concrete to reduce future maintenance and reduce the running costs of the building.


Lagos, Nigeria

Completion Year



Private Client

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