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The Forest Museum


Forest Museum is a provate initiate by an avid art collector. Our client has collected 600-700 peices of diverse art peices from around the world over the last 30 odd years. Our site, in the Achimota Forest in Accra, has historical significance and has rarely been built upon.
Our goal with the project, was to make a symbolic sculptural piece, whose silhoutte was taken from a triptych Zaireien mask.
This mask became the screen of the building which is designed in special mid bricks to allow for natural air into the building.
The site is designed for performance events with the field rising unto a frontal building also built in mud brick and capped with a roof garden that can be used to view the site.
The galleries are a series of rectilinear galleries in a triangle format stacked over six floors, that interact with the skin by creating a series of natural air voids that help the building to breathe naturally.


Achimota, Ghana

Completion Year



Private client 

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