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Pan African Heritage Museum


PAHM is a timely project for Africa. Concieved as the largest museum dedicated to artefacts alone in West Africa, it is a symbolic piece of architecture at the summit of a hill at Pomadze in Accra.
The idea, was initiated as part of the year of return in 2019 and the construction was inaugurated by the president of Ghana in 2020.
Part of the design itself was to create a pathway for diaspora Africans to return their collections to Africa.
It has a series of interactive galleries that are set to several moods so as to amplify the effects of the story.
Not only has it been designed as a pathway to tell a different story of Africa, it also has a mixture of educational and social facilities under a single roof. The city around it will hopefully be generated from the
museum itself.


Accra, Ghana

Completion Year



Private client 

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