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VGC House


VGC estate was built as a series of repeating
prototypes built in prefab concrete.
These buildings, built in the 1990’s, while rapidly increasing in price, have become too small for the current realities of Nigerian Life. The materials also show signs of wear and tear, with the roofs leaking and
walls deteriorating fast.

We were commissioned in 2016-17 to create a new house out of this existing building and we elected, as the apex of our strategy, to keep the existing house which has a fair amount of
stability and wrap it with a steel framed extension with a green wall.
At the rear of the building, an oblong courtyard is strategically located to serve as an expansion joint between the both houses, while uniting the entire composition and allowing for air to flow in and around
the form. This becomes a unifying element, built in ancient roman stone.


Lagos, Nigeria

Completion Year



Private client 

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