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Green Wall


The greenwall project in Onikan Lagos was built
on an L-shaped lot that had proved difficult to
resolve by several other designers. It is bounded
by 1970s architecture that are facing several levels
of decay, on a small street that fills up with fumes
during the day. It is bounded on the North Western
corner by the National Museum building and the Rele Gallery.
At the North Eastern corner of the site, the state
government built a multistorey carpark and event
As a response to these conditions, our building
had to become a filter on the street, to help to
reduce the smog that had developed over the
years so as to allow for the comfortable use of the
building by its inhabitants.
Built in a minimalistic fashion in a single material,
reinforced concrete, the building is a frame on the
street in white.
It is designed to have long open spans so as to
maximize the site for parking, with minimal interruption
of the site by structure.
It has six floors of offices, designed as an open
field, and a penthouse apartment that connects
to a roof that can be used as an events space and
a viewing deck. The building was designed aas a
cheap office prototype for Lagos.


Lagos, Nigeria

Completion Year



ABFR & CO.  

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