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Chaplain Court


The second in the series has been designed for a site in Ajah in Lagos. Although this site is much larger than the first, the same cost constraints applied.
We therefore extracted the basic ethos from the first experiment and began to refine them in the second attempt. While the areas of the floor plates remain roughly the same (9*13 in this case vs 11*11 in the TCH01), the THC02 exhibits a more advanced facade screening system, which has patterned masonry in addition to a meshed hole to allow filtered air reach the center of the building.
The stacked form creates a unique shape while allowing for improved performance. Unlike TCH01 however, the apex floor culminates in a secret zen garden, whose entire surfaces are finished with river peblbles.
Its roof is a technical space for the house with space for solar panels



Lagos, Nigeria

Completion Year



Private client 

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