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Presbyterian Church


The Basel Mision came to Kyebi in the early 19th century. The villagers, being skeptical of their motives, gave them a location at the outskirts of the village to clear up and settle down.
The village eventually grew to the area which the missionaries were allocated, with the more western educated citizens settling around the clearing upon which, in 1861, a church and an eventual school was built.
The front of the church was paved with local black stone and became a europeanesque square, upon which the citizen will eventually gather for weddings etc.
The initial roof was built of wood shingles, but had been covered over the years with Galvanised Zinc sheeting. The walls, reminiscent of the time, were built of a lime, mud and stone mixtures that had been covered in concrete plastering over the years.
By 2021, the church had been abandoned and a new one built.

In 2023, we were called to study the church to see if it needed to be kept or demolished. We opted for a creative preservation of the structure, restoring
it to its original version, including the proposed stained glass windows that were hoped for but never actualized.


Kyebi, Ghana

Completion Year



Presbyterian church of Ghana 

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