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The Village at Webb

(Winning Entry)


In this first place winning competition entry, whose premise was to create a new type of density for upper class Lagos, while allowing the homes to breathe as naturally as possible without air-conditioning.
The scheme makes use of the basic structural scheme to create its form by stacking and subtraction. It is made up of two lateral blocks set in a dense green park, linked together by a simple bridge structure at its apex.
The building, composed of 3 and 4-bedroom so called luxury apartments, is composed in the form of a compact village with large cuts subtracted from it to allow for nature to interact with the apartments in surprising ways.
The strategy of the building has been created around its four concrete lift and stair cores, which connect to two apartments every time. By adapting such a strategy, an inhabitant is never more than 3 meters from his frontage at anytime he emerges from the core.
A simple palette of white carara marble, white pigmented off shutter concrete and Afara wood is used for the entire building



Lagos, Nigeria



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