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The Events Factory by Transcorp


Carved from the dynamic landscape of Abuja, the Transcorp Hilton Event Centre exemplifies HTL Africa's commitment to sustainable design and innovative reuse. Rising from a disused valley warehouse, the project repurposes the existing structure, preserving its robust floor and framework. A new, dynamic volume is then introduced, drawing inspiration from the image of a horse rider's reins. This intervention restrains the original structure, enabling the creation of a massive, 40-meter clear span hall – a versatile space ideal for large-scale gatherings.

The resulting design is a powerful fusion of high-tech steel and traditional African concepts of communal space, all sheltered beneath a singular, expansive roof. This interplay of heritage and innovation fosters a unique event experience, capable of hosting diverse activities – from grand banquets to car shows – simultaneously and seamlessly. Offering over 7,000 square meters of space and seating for 4,250 guests, the Transcorp Event Center exemplifies HTL Africa's ability to breathe new life into existing structures while creating landmarks for the future.


Abuja, Nigeria

Completion Year



Transcorp Hotel Abuja

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