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In the pandemic year, the petroleum company, ENYO, set up a competition for a future fuel service station. We looked at the problem with a longer view and began to ask, beyond architecture, what the future
of energy and indeed the car might be. We asked the question, what will become of stations when fossil fuels are no longer fashionable for the powering of of vehicles and our cities?
Our response was simple: create a station as a social condensing unit which curves over the fueling field below it. These form, which is porous, introduces a system of courtyards into the typical fueling station to allow the planting to absorb the fumes from the cars and the process of fueling cars. This field is designed to be decommissioned and transformed into a charging station over time.
The folding building becomes an event and performance space with green areas, visually connecting with the fueling field. It also has lettable space for offices etc. In the long run, we transformed the conventional filling station into a place for people.



Lagos, Nigeria

Completion Year



Enyo Oil and Gas

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